Teaching at 8:00 a.m., take 100

My philosohpy with teaching is that I generally need to be doing what the students are doing, unless there is reason for me to walk around or if there are a lot of hands. If they are doing a quickwrite, I am jotting down my ideas on the subject. If they are having small group discussions, I am joining each group for a few moments.

Tuesday morning, they were writing an author’s memo on a proposal that they just turned in. It was really quiet, so, I stood at the podium at the front left corner of the room and let them write quietly while I took roll.

One thing that probably all of my students can tell you is that I always have coffee with me. No matter what. It is an 8:00 a.m. class, I am going to need coffee.

– I feel like I should mention here that I tend to be a clumsy person. It just happens so naturally to me –

So, I reached for my coffee and I spilled it!


That was clumsy moment of teaching on Tuesday #1.

So, after that, we did a bit of peer review on the proposal where students read through each other’s and tried to help one another figure out what they had to do before they start their paper.

During this moment, I was up at the podium. Although not the exact look, my podium looks something like this, but reversed:


While my students were quietly reading through the proposals, I grabbed onto the side part of the podium, putting my fingers between the two parts, where it connects to the part holds the computer. When I saw one of my students hands go up, I bent my fingers and got my hand stuck in the podium. I could not straighten my fingers and could not get my hand out with bent fingers. I was stuck for a full 30 seconds or so before I was able to fix this problem and go help my student.

Needless to say, it was a great moment, especially since I have been entrusted to help mold the minds of these young individuals.

It’s classy teaching moments like this that make me always want to teach at 8:00 a.m. If this were an afternoon class, I would probably be more with it and I would not get as many chances to laugh at myself. Thank goodness I have a class with a sense of humor to laugh with me.



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