Forgetting the Letter “A”

A few weeks ago, I held a women’s rights teach-in with a classmate as part of a class project. We wanted to do something that showed how connected we were to our topics and a teach-in just seemed to fit. Plus, I like planning things.

In the planning process, we had to book speakers, which was a lot harder than we had initially thought.

While talking to classmates, we encouraged a few of them to sign up for slots and, after getting them to agree, we sat there and found open times that they could present at our teach-in.

As I was adding one of my classmate’s names to the list, I was spelling her name back to her to make sure I had it right (even though I knew I did). The middle of her name has the letter “A” in it and I stopped before I got to that point. I legitimately could not remember how to pronouce the letter.

Wonderful graduate school brain moment right there. I am still not sure why they are letting me get a Masters in English.



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