The Final Paper Scare

Tonight was the final night of the semester. My last revisions of everything were due tonight and I was happyto have them done and in. I spent so much time in the last few days reworking and rethinking idea after idea after idea on my last few projects.

Even still, I had some rereads and final thoughts to add tonight. I just got back to parent’s for the holiday¬†and my partner was coming over to see me and make me dinner. At some point he had asked me what he could do to help me. I jokingly said something along the lines of “if you can think of anything smart to say, add it to the paper.”

The night continued on. He cooked (for my whole family, that catch!), I wrote. As we all sat down to have the wonderful meal that he cooked, red wine grilled cheese, I was submitting all of my final papers, feeling the cathartic sense of the end of the semester. This was the anticipated moment that I had been waiting for. I pressed the send button and felt the end of the semester reach from my fingertips throughout my entire body.

My partner turns to me and says someting like, “Did you think what I added to your paper while you were in the bathroom was funny?”

Um. WHAT?!

I had no clue that he had added anything, nor did I see it when I was finishing my rewrites. Needless to say, I panicked.

I asked him what the sentence he had written was. He said it had to do with some sort of Oedipal Complex since my paper was about Freud. Well, my paper was about the pleasure principle and had nothing to do with Oedipal Complexes.

I made him reread the paper and see if it was still in there, concocting some sort of apology to my professor in my head.

“Dear Dr. So-and-so, I am sorry that my paper took a weird turn and talked about unhealthy mother-son relationships. I am not sure I can explain where my mind was when I added something about Oedipal Complexes in my paper that had nothing to do with Oedipal Complexes. It was an interesting turn thatI was trying to make, but ultimately failed to and I forgot to take it out of my paper. Thank you for your understanding, Brittany.”

After my partner and I both reread the paper, we could not find the sentence in it anywhere (it was a one page paper, so, we read it pretty thoroughly). I had a couple of paragraphs at the bottom that I was playing around with, but ended up deleting, so, the only thing that I can think of is that I deleted the sentence without ever realizing that the sentence was there.

So, the crisis was averted. Somehow, it was averted.

And now I get to enjoy the glass of wine I have been wanting all week.


3 thoughts on “The Final Paper Scare

  1. I also am having a final paper scare, but I won’t know until tomorrow (hopefully) if it’ll be resolved in my favor. I hope you did well and received a grade you accept wholeheartedly.


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