Holiday Fails

Since I am on break right now, I have decided that I should focus on my real life fails that occur over break.

For my first fail of break, I have decided to talk about an annual holiday fail that I cannot seem to dodge. I hate waiting to give people their gifts. I get so excited about giving people gifts that I found that I think they would love or gifts that were on their list that I was not sure I would be able to afford or gifts that I have hand made for them. I do everything in my power to not spoil their presents. So, I have invented a game.

How not to spoil holiday gifts while almost spoiling holiday gifts:

  1. Keep asking them what they want for the holiday. If they don’t say the gift you’ve picked out for them, then you keep asking util they get close to the gift you got.
  2. If you already have their gifts, ask them questions and give answers of things with certain details. For example, if you have gotten them a Metal Earth Tie Fighter (usually a good gift if you are unsure of what to buy someone…), ask them things like “Don’t you like Star Wars?” “Cool. What’s your favorite starfighter?” and say things like “I think Poe has the coolest job in the Star Wars realm.”
  3. Show/tell them what they aren’t getting for the holiday. Going off of the same example, say things like “You aren’t getting this Metal Earth Big Ben,” “You aren’t gettng this lego tie-fighter,” etc.
  4. Sit back and grow more anxious as the person tells you to just wait for the holiday and not spoil the surprise.

I have ruined many gifts this way because I suck at waiting and I am way too excited about giving gifts. If you are in the same boat, I urge you to try out the above suggestions.


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