A Very Grad School Christmas

As an English Graduate Student who is obsessed with books, ampersands, and school supplies, it’s always cool to see the interesting finds that I get for Christmas. This year was no exception. I got some cool post-it notes, highlighters, etc., and other things that will help me in the school year or at least make my office look pretty while I pretend to study.

A roundup of some of the cool grad school-y things that I got:

1) An Ampersand Binder – I am still not sure what I am going to use it for. I am really tempted to use it for something outside of school, but I am not sure what. Any suggestions? What do people use binders for besides school, finance, and research?


2) Decorative ampersands and a book calendar on top of a printer. That requires no explanation.


My new “lampersand” lit up. It will match the giant and mini “lampersands” that I have already.


3) Ampersand socks. They are just so cute! And they have asterisks. Not pictured: An adorable ampersand tote bag to go with not only my ampersand collection, but my tote bag collection as well.


4) “READ” socks. . .to remind me to study or to encourage me to read for fun? I’m not sure. . .


5) The Litograph Gatsby Scarf that I have wanted forever. Taking my rule of always having a book with me to new heights.


6) And the thing that is crucial when leaving your house before 7 to get to work: De-Icer for those mornings my car door is frozen shut.


Bring on the new semester. I’m ready.



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