Grad Student Dreaming

When you are in grad school, your hopes and dreams and desires often have to do with papers and projects and finding a solution to the never-ending piles of grading. Even still,  I am always surprised to find how connected my dreams are to grad school even in the dead of winter break.

This morning I woke up from a dream about my favorite professor (okay, I have probably referred to each profesor I have had in grad school as “my favorite” at some point. They are all awesome). This particular professor had a baby at the end of last semester and will be on maternity leave next semester. My dream was that she was actually back next semester and we all kept commenting on how “bad ass” she was for coming back to school after just having a baby (we do refer to this professor as “bad ass” quite often ’cause she is). I woke up thinking how cool that would be. It’s not going to happen, but it would be cool.

Then I thought more about it. Yes, it would be cool if it became true, but I am on winter break right now and am not supposed to really even be thinking about school at this point. Oops.

I have a slight obsession with grad school. I want to say that is a normal way to feel as a graduate student, but I am really not sure. I’d like to think that my classmates are somewhere enjoying the holidays, relaxing, and not thinking about classes. That’s my other dream for myself that is never going to happen.



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