A Graduate Student’s New Year’s Resolutions

For the past year, I have been a graduate student and with grad school comes a lot of responsibility. With grad school also comes the ability to function on a sub-human level in a place that does not even come close to being in the real world. I may have let some of my real world responsibilities go, which prompted me to actually take New Year’s Resolutions. So, I have come up with a list of New Year’s Resolutions of the academic (student and teaching), personal, and real world kind.

Academic Goals:

Goals as a student:

  1. Maintain my 4.0. I had a bit of a scare this last semester where I was not sure if I would get an A or an A- in a class, but ultimately got that A. In grad school, anything lower than a B is failing and can get you on academic probation. Plus, I would love to finish my degree with a 4.0.
  2. Finalize an idea for my thesis. I have so many ideas. All I know for sure is that I want there to be some connection to digital culture and literacy.
  3. Keep being my kickass self.

Goals as a teacher:

  1. Be more efficient with grading. It took me too long to get certain assignments back to students and I want to be better about monitering their grades throughout the semester.
  2. Make clearer connections. Mostly I just want them to see that the reading is relevant. I know. . .I am too optimistic and have insane, unrealistic goals.

Personal Goals:

  1. Learn to say “no.” This is the most important one and how I ended up being president of our graduate student council (although I was excited about that one), a grader for four classes besides my own, a graduate representative for a billion and one committees, the proofreader, the resident notary amongst my friends, etc. The list goes on.
  2. Make it to the gym more than five times this semester.
  3. Make a little bit more time for my personal and romantic relationships.

Real World:

  1. Make a goddamn difference. Somehow, someway.

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