First Day Fails

My day began with meeting my wonderful new Academic Composition students. I am sure that I came off as being quite awkward, but I guess they should get used to it now. I think I was awkward in both the space I teach in and the space I mentor in, but I think that’s just who I am anyway. That’s not going to change. I am always going to be the person who spilled tea all over herself on one of her first days ever teaching. It’s just who I am and there is no fighting it anymore.

So, linguistics hurt a little bit. As snobby as it sounds, it is weird to be in a space where I don’t know what I am doing. It’s been seven years since I took the pre-req for this class and I feel it. Most students took it last semester. So, when it came time to review today, I was definitely behind. Nothing I don’t think I can’t catch up on, but it was hard to be the one not getting it. Even still, I volunteered answers and tried to participate.

One really cool thing about that class, is one of the students who graduated with me is in it. He is back for his credential and I was excited to see a familiar face of an old friend and someone from my undergraduate times.

Something I am noticing about myself a lot more recently is my inability to not insert my political opinions in conversations with friends and coworkers. I think I have always been great about staying away from politics with my students, but I think that’s mostly because I avoid politics and political discussions with my students. I do teach them how to think critically and access whether or not sources are fake. I really need to work on not asserting my political opinions into everyday conversations though. Or at least be able to do so in a more respectable manner instead of the “I’m a bleeding-heart liberal and my opinions are right” kind of way. I do have respect for everyone’s opinions, but with certain groups of people, I do not feel like I come off that way.

Also, after a long day with a few tears, I am officially giving up my New Year’s Resolution to not drink. Hello, wine!



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