I Can Almost See the Light at the End of the First Week

This has been a tough first week of school. I am just emotionally drained and there are still two days left (although they are shorter days than the rest).

Most of my time has been spent in my office, downing coffee, trying not to fall asleep while lesson planning, studying for school, etc. It has already started getting to the point where I mix up my house keys and my office keys. It’s kinda sad, really.


Somehow, those first few days, I did make it to the gym, walking/jogging/running at least two miles everytime. I feel like my gym days are going to be shortlived this semester. I thought my days off would be Wednesday since Wednesdays are already turning out to be brutal, but it turns out that Wednesdays are so brutal that it might carry into the rest of the week.


This Wednesday was so brutal that it ended with me driving out to the airport after class, listening to Spotify and crying my eyes out, sad about nothing important, but just rather exhausted. The reason for my sadness was over a boy who hasn’t plagued me since I was an undergraduate here. I guess that is just how times go sometimes.

Of course, I try to do some things that keep me motivated for when things get like that. I have a post-it note with the quote “Comparison is a losing game” on my bathroom mirror and I keep this positive quote thing on my desk:


My partner also sends me pictures of corgies every morning, since they are the cutest things in the

world and I am bribing myself to finish grad school with a corgi.


I did discover something really cool this week though and that was a new method of studying, thanks to my best friend. She gave me the advice of putting a skittle throughout the paper and reading to where the skittle is. Then you get to eat the skittle. Motivation to get your reading done for school. My professor actually used this picture in my literacy studies class as a way to talk about literacy events and literacy practices and I thought that was cool. My eating of skittles was a cool enough thing to talk about in class.


The best part of the week though was getting to have a martini at the end of a very stressful day.


Only a few days until the weekend. I got this. . .


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