A Gift Guide for Grad Students

Since I was away for most of the Holiday Break, my best friend and I just got around to exhchanging holiday gifts. What she got me was so very on point and a lot of them were very fitting for a grad student, so, I wanted to share.

She wrapped everything in Star Wars paper which I figured was a good sign.IMG_4176.JPG

First off, cotton candy for those late night study sessions when I need a sugar rush. Am I the only person who still likes cotton candy as an adult? No one I know seems to share my love. . .but this much sugar is definitely helpful in grad school.IMG_4182.JPG

A reusable coffee cups, but one of those really cool ones that looks like a Starbucks cup. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to make more of an effort with sustainable products so this is very fitting for that. It is also fitting because I drink an insane amount of coffee and tea. Those are two staples of grad schoolIMG_4179.JPG

Cute decorative boxes! One for the first letter of my name and the other for my love of ampersands!

A pen shaped like Hermione’s wand and a bookmark to go with it. I already put the bookmark in one of my text books to make it a little less painful to read and I am so excited to take notes in with the pen.IMG_4184.JPGCute little supplies for my office. And another ampersand thing.IMG_4183.JPG

Ravenclaw/Harry Potter themed planner stickers from Prince Paper and A Melancholy Moose (who shows what they look like in a planner in this blog post. I will make sure to take pictures of mine when I have that week planned).

And a Ravenclaw candle that smells like parchment and blueberry pie. Seriously. It smells amazing.IMG_4192.JPG

In other words, my best friend is seriously the best.


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