End of Week 4

I feel like I am staying more afloat this semester than I did last semester. Even still, it’s hard. I feel like my life is very non-stop.

Teaching during the morning, workind during the day, and having class at night is no joke. My days are long and I often only spend around 8-9 hours at home a night. Mostly sleeping.

By the time I get to my night classes, my mind is often mush and the only thoughts I have at that point are song lyrics. Last semester, during both of my night classes, the “Into the Woods” soundtrack would constantly be on repeat in my mind. For the entire semester. Although I like broadway music and Stephen Sondheim, that isn’t even a soundtrack I listen to very often. I have no idea why. The professor would be talking about Louis Althusser and I would nod along, but my mind would be shouting Into the woods! Into the woods! Into the woods! Then, the following night, when we would be having intense discussions about human rights, my mind would be thinking wait, wait, wait, what am I doing here? I’m in the wrong story.  At least I managed to write smart things for both of those classes.

This semester, I seem to have graduated from broadway music into weird and different things. During my wednesday night literacy studies class, I had the logical fallacy song from my philosophy class stuck in my head on repeat. I took philosophy 7 years ago. Somehow, there is room to remember a song about syllogisms in my brain, but I have to look up my office number when students ask me. I do blame the professor for bringing up philosophical arguments in class.

Last night, during my multicultural literature class, I had this song stuck in my head:

Listen to it if you know anything at all about the Giants or baseball. It’s worth it. And speaking of baseball, I get oddly excited around this time of year when baseball is starting back up. I like baseball and generally follow the Giants, but not enough to consider myself a die-hard fan. I only watch the games when I am able to, which isn’t often. Even still, there is something in the air that changes at this time of year and everyone seems to be really happy when baseball starts back up, even if only for a second.

Back to school – I’m not even sure how I was able to make any connections at all during class last night, but, somehow, I was able to contribute smart things to the discussion. Maybe it helps that I take a lot of notes on the reading and generally know when my ideas will sound relevant in the class.

I’m sure other stuff happened this week as well, but I just can’t remember what because my brain just keeps sing “Barry Zito.”

My violin instructor did tell me I was getting better this week, so, at least I have one win there.

Anyone else have similar experiences during classes?


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