Grad School: By the Numbers

One: batch of essays graded, which is quite an accomplishment for me.

Two: nights of intense studying for my linguistics exam. I study a little bit for linguistics everyday, actually, but the test, which is today, has me freaked, so, I’ve been studying a bit more the last two nights.

Three: episodes of “Friends” on average per day. I’m almost done with it and am taking recommendations for comedies if anyone has any.

Four: cups of coffee I tend to be drinking a day. I am not even factoring in tea yet. And water? Forget that.

Five: grad students that showed up to our seminar last Thursday, which was less than half of the class. LESS THAN HALF. #winning

Six: hours of sleep a night.

Seven: days to get a week’s worth of homework done. I know that’s not fair since a week is seven days, but, in grad school, it’s always one day at a time. A week is not really a measure of time anymore.

Eight: pokemon caught so far today.

Nine: minutes a week to frantically practice violin before my next lesson. (Sorry!)

Ten: emails on average sent a day. (multiply that number by 10 and you have how many I feel like I read per day. . .)


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