Back in the Linguistics Zone

I talk a little bit about my daily fuck-ups a lot, but I do have a lot of good things go right in my life, so, I would like to take a little bit of time to talk about things that are going right once in a while.

I took a three-year gap to figure out my life between my undergraduate and graduate studies. When I finally decided to go back to purse my MA, I wasn’t sure how I would do. Would I be able to get right back in the swing of things? How would my writing be after taking so much time away from it? Would I be welcome by my peers in the program since a lot of them had just graduated and all knew each other? Would I fail? I had a lot of worries.

And I kicked ass. And then I continued to kick ass. And I am still kicking ass.

It’s been a lot of hard work, but I’ve managed to produce some amazing work, maintain a 4.0, become president of our department’s graduate student council, teach a few classes, etc., and I have loved every minute of it.

This semester, I had to take a linguistics class. It is technically an upper-division undergraduate class, but it counts towards a certificate I am pursuing alongside my MA. I get more worried about taking upper-division undergraduate classes than I do about graduate classes because often times there are more things I am graded on and it usually includes tests of some sort. My graduate classes are usually based around writing and discussion. So, I was worried about that.

Another worry I had about taking this class was that it required a pre-requisite class that I took seven years ago. Most stdents in this class have taken the pre-req within the past year or so. I took in Spring of 2010, which was enough time for pretty much all of the information to leave my brain. So, I had that worry, too.

These first four weeks of class have been mostly review from that pre-req class, so, it’s been a lot of me playing catch up to try to stay on the same page. I’ve made and memorized over 250 flashcards for this class so far. I’ve done relatively well on the quizzes and have done all of the homework. Even still there was a part of me that was really scared for the first exam, which is right around 15% of my final grade. This was my first exam of grad school.

So, I studied a lot.


The exam was yesterday, so, I wasn’t expecting to get a grade yet, but when I logged into our class website and I saw a notification for a new grade, my heart stopped for a minute. I wasn’t sure if I should be excited or scared. I was so relieved when I clicked it open and saw that I’d gotten 98% on it. It was such a relief that all of my hard work paid off. If there was ever a class that would mess up my 4.0, I think it would be this one, but, right now, I’m proving that wrong by kicking ass in it.

So, folks, if you didn’t already know, studying does pay off.

Even though I am a little too paranoid about maintaining a 4.0, I am proud of everything I have accomplished. I only with I had been this much of a BAMF when I was an undergrad (I didn’t quite kick ass back then…). I can use BAMF when talking about my school achievements, right?



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