Car Wars

This post will take a little bit of a break from school to talk about cars and the fails that come with being a car owner and broke college student.

First of all, I was shocked that i found a great parking spot on Tuesday at a point of the day where the lots are full. I was super grateful because I was already running late. I was no longer surprised when I came back at the end of the day and found my car like this:IMG_4232.JPG

I have parked under trees on campus before and nothing this brutal has ever happened. The funny thing is, this happened just a few hours before I was supposed to take my car in for an oil change. So, naturally I worried that they would think I was not a good car owner because I was going in with a dirty car. I rushed to the gas station just so I could wash off as much of it as I could before my appointment and was able to get the windows relatively clean.

Then I got to Sears to get my oil changed where I found out that I needed to fix a power steering hose and replace two tires – none of which I would get done at Sears and both of which I would, of course, get a second opinion – which would cost me right around $700.

So, being the broke college student that I am, I continued driving my car for two weeks before I took it to Les Schwab to get the tires checked. They confirmed that two tires would need to be replaced. They said that the  two front tires were basically gone and it was a safety hazard to keep driving as it was, so, I broke down and got new tires.

Aside from the tires, Les Schwab told me that my front struts were going out and it would be around $550 to replace those, but it wasn’t a safety issue if I didn’t. I’m standing there like:


So, between my power steering hose and my front struts needing to be replaced, I’m fairly certain my car is almost a lemon. . . Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.

At least I’ve learned a few things through all of my problems with my car: what struts are and where not to park on campus.




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