All The Coffee, or strategies I am going to try to help me get through long days

It’s been an interesting semester so far. Most days, I have trouble processing the simple things, but I can usually handle the super complex things.

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Yesterday was particularly hard for no apparent reason. My Wednesdays are typically crazy long and I am on campus from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM with very short and few breaks. In other words, I AM ON CAMPUS FOR 14 HOURS STRAIGHT. I had two cups of coffee before I taught at 8:00, one while teaching, one cup of caffeinated tea after, and then one latte. All before noon. Somehow I was still super sluggish, but I had to go power through linguistics. After linguistics, I got another cup of tea. Then, after work, but before my 6:00 PM class, I got two more cups of tea and brought one with me to class still sluggish. Class was great and it seemed to give me energy, so, after class I went to Target and proceeded to stay up until 2:00 AM since I can sleep until 10:00 AM on Thursdays.

I realize it’s not feasible to drink 8-9 cups of caffeine everytime I have a long day, so, I have decided to come up with a list of ways I am going to help myself stay motivated on those long days:

  1. Caffeine. I’m still going to drink it just not as much. Maybe three cups on those days.
  2. Eat substantial food that will help me. I typically drink so much caffeine on my long days that I don’t eat meals. I will have a snack. . .usually a few saltine crackers.
  3. Positive quotes. I’ve always loved positive quotes and I keep them everywhere in my office so I always have inspirational things to read when I just want to give up.
  4. Figure out some sort of reward system for myself to get me through those days. Last night after class I went to Target and bought a new pretty notebook. I realize I cannot do this every week, but maybe something like leaving candy in my office and only allowing myself to have a piece when I finish a task, instead of eating it subconsciously all at once like I usually do with candy.
  5. Find a time to workout. I have a two hour break, but then I usually have work or class. Can I work out during this time and still look fab (okay, decent….) for my next thing.
  6. Keep doing the next right thing. This is what my boss tells us all to do. Just do the next right thing and it will keep propelling you forward.

So, those are my ideas. How do people stay awake during 14 hour work/school days?!


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