I Dream of Coffee

I have talked about grad school induced dreams and nightmares, but I am always surprised when I have such vivid ones. I don’t remember my dreams often, but when I do, they always seem to deal with school on some level.

It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that my most recent school-related dream was about coffee.


One of my biggest (maybe even my only) complaints about living in a small, college town is the lack of coffee shops that are open late. Barnes and Noble (which is all the way across town) is the only one during the week that is open until 10:00. Dutch Bros drive-throughs are open, but I want to go someplace where I can sit and do homework. Even our library closes early, so, getting a coffee and heading there wouldn’t help. Denny’s has wi-fi, but it gets really creepy past midnight. . .

So, I had a dream that we had a coffee shop open until 2:00 AM. And why don’t we? Bars around here are open until 2:00 AM, so, people are up and out until then. What about those of us who want to be awake at that time, but don’t enjoy the bar scene? Why can’t we have a coffee shop open that late here? Yes, I know I am implying that I would be at a coffee shop until 2:00 AM doing homework, but, trust me, that’s the goal.

I hate doing homework at home and I am much better at doing it at a coffee shop. So, those nights I am pulling all-nighters to get a draft of a paper done? WHERE DO I GO?

So, this dream of mine has turned into a bit of a fantasy.


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