One More Class

So, this whole time I have been telling myself that I would graduate in May 2018. I added a certificate so I could “waste” more time and graduate in the spring. So, I was super shocked when I got to planning next semester and I realized that I have one class and my thesis left before I have my MA in English.

All of this is so very exciting but HOLY CRAP. I HAVE ONE CLASS LEFT. I will be done in 10 months (assuming that I write my thesis).

It’s got me thinking about the things I want to accomplish before I am done. So, here are some goals that I have for myself:

  1. Finish with a 4.0. (If anyone was on the edge of their seat, I actually aced that linguistics quiz that I thought I failed)
  2. Write my thesis. Hopefully good enough for them to recommend me for distinction
  3. Apply to those PhD programs (and hope and pray and pray and hope that I get into one of them)
  4. Not pull all of my hair out
  5. Teach as much as I can between now and then
  6. Try to find some easy-ish recipes that I can take with me to a PhD program so I won’t live off coffee (stop laughing. . .)
  7. Buy one of those MLA Handbooks everyone keeps telling me I need. I’m still working off Purdue Owl and, apparently, they aren’t entirely up-to-date on MLA 8
  8. Be my best self. Keep kicking ass and taking names.
  9. Stop saying “yes” to every favor people ask of me. I can’t do it all. Which is another reason I am happy that I will only have one more semester after this one.

One class next semester and I am done. No, it’s not sinking in yet. This has been a trip and I’ll be sad to see it be over.


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