Dreams of Random Things

It is almost mid-semester. It is week 7. We are almost over the hump. And of course my mind is anywhere but school right now.

After a few episodes of 30 Rock, I finally went to sleep last night. I never remember my dreams, but for some reason I did last night. I had two very odd, very distinct ones.

For the first one, I turned on the TV (which I don’t have in real life) and discovered that I was missing the Tony’s. The announcer (I don’t remember who he was) started talking about Anjelica Huston and how she would be greatly missed. Turns out that in my dream, she stepped in front of a bullet to save her husband. My partner’s family consequently ended up being very distraught because they’d known Ms. Huston at some point in their lives.

When I woke up from the dream, I actually googled Anjelica Huston to make sure she was, in fact, OK (she was) and it turns out that her husband passed away in 2008, so, she couldn’t step in front of a bullet for him.

Although I have dealt with the death of a family member within the past couple of days and it would seem logical that I would dream about losing someone since it does weigh heavily, where do the Tony’s and Anjelica Huston come in?! I love Broadway music, so, I can get behind the Tony’s, but Anjelica Huston? She’s not someone who is commonly on my radar. I maybe catch The Addams Family or Ever After once a year, but I haven’t seen anything with Anjelica Huston since around Halloween. I’m glad to know that somewhere sorted among the different stories, articles, books, videos, movies, actors/actresses that I like is some sort of love for Anjelica Huston that is deep enough for me to dream about her. She was neither in nor mentioned in the episodes of 30 Rock I watched. Seriously, no idea where that came from.


Then I went back to sleep and had a dream about Disneyland. Dreaming about Disneyland is not an uncommon thing for me. In this one, my father and I were in line for Pirates of the Caribbean. Him and I separated at the point where you can either keep following the line to the right or left (I kept going left while he went right). I beat him to the inside of the building. When I got inside the building, I noticed that they had new boats. Or at least some of the boats were new. Some of the seats rode backwards and parts of certain boats had enclosed cabins. I asked the cast member about it and she said that some of the boats now allowed you to drink wine while riding.

download (1).jpg

I asked the cast member if I could show her my ID and ride in one of them. She said of course. I remember being really nervous that she wouldn’t allow me to since my driver’s license was expired. She didn’t notice and I got safely on the boat before waking up.

I’m sure that part of the reason I had this dream was my love of Pirates, wine, and the fact that my driver’s license expires in 3 months and I am worried that if I don’t renew it now, I won’t get a new one. I had to wonder though, how would drinks in your hand hold up when going down the drops. Would it be different if you were sitting backwards? Physics. . .

So, it’s nice to know that I have Anjelica Huston, Broadway, death, wine, and Disneyland during this tough academic time.


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