Wednesdays are my insanely long day where I wake up at 5:30/6:00 get to campus around 7:00 AM and don’t get home until after 10:00 PM. I spend most of the day wanting to just take a nap and being so tired that I make no sense. Then I come home and turn on Netflix and get a second wind and, before I know it, it is midnight or 1:00. Sometimes, it’s even 2:00. That is a 21 and a half hour day.

So, I found these because I think they accurately describe sleep in higher education.

  1. This one is true. Even when you don’t have work to do, you always feel like you are missing something and it keeps you up at night.
  2. When I come up with the best paper ideas:
  3. I always say I will, too, and it never happens.
  4. Wednesdays…images.jpg
  5. I can’t even imagine doing anything without caffeine.coffee.png
  6. So very true…b3a742a8cc5d0840b37dcc850e175965.jpg

Who feels me here? How do you change sleep habits?!?!


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