Sorry for not writing for a while, but I’m at a point where I am feeling like this:"If I died and went straight to hell, it would take me a week just to realize that I wasn't in graduate school anymore.":


I typically love school, but I seem to have hit a wall. I just didn’t want to come back from Spring Break. Spring Break was cool and I got to go to a conference and all, but I didn’t really get a break. I’m usually a super-annoying, type-A, get-ALL-of-my-reading-done goody-goody, but I am just not feeling it anymore.

I am back to having nightmares about grad school, but at least I am also back to thinking about it subconsciously, as opposed to wine, Disneyland, and Anjelica Huston. Recently, I had a dream that I was reprimanded by a favorite professor of mine for leaving a curling iron plugged in in the bathroom. I typically get so worried about everyone not being happy with me that I legit have nightmares about it. But now I am just kind of over it.

What have been my fails for the past few weeks? I’m running on coffee at this point. I’ve been so tired lately, but it has made for some good stories:

  1. I legit burst into a riff of “Hello, Dolly!” in class. I have no musical talent and these are people that I go to grad school with. Meaning I see them all day, every day and they make up 90% of my social life.
  2. Four people this week have commented on how I seem dead/out of it/not myself. And I thought I was feeling OK. Thanks, all!
  3. On International Women’s Day, while looking for an image, a picture containing nudity came up in my search. I had trouble logging into my school account for a few day after that and I am kind of certain that my school’s ITSS thinks I was looking for porn and blocked my account to investigate. . .
  4. One of my classmates saw me rocking out to Frank Sinatra’s version of “Dream a Little Dream” in my car while belting out the lyrics. This is one of the same people from the class where I belted out “Hello, Dolly!”
  5. Somehow, while walking to class yesterday, I went to put my umbrella away and dropped my coffee cup at just the right angle for it to spill inside my umbrella.

So, that’s kind of how I’m doing right now… Let’s see how the rest of this week goes.


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