PhDreaming: 4C17

I had the pleasure of attending the Conference on College Composition and Communication over break and I had such a great time. It was such an awesome conference, especially since it was my first major conference. It was cool to see so many people that I have read articles by and who I talk about with professors and fellow graduate students regularly.

Some highlights:

  • I stumbled into Jody Shipka’s panel. I’d written the room number down wrong, but I ended up at Jody. Shipka’s. Panel. She’s someone who gets discussed a lot in our graduate student halls and someone who we have read a lot of in our program. Her panel was pretty cool, too. Brian McNely was super awesome to listen to. And Laurie Gries is my new favorite person (I’ve ordered her book, Still Life With Rhetoric, and I cannot wait until it gets here). This panel definitely brought up new research ideas, too, and now I’m thinking through different things I can do with collecting, coding, and archiving. Thesis ideas, maybe?
  • I got my Sparklepony! And completed a ton of quests. I’m a professor collecting trading cards for tenure in Sparklepony world.
  • I got to see some really cool people that I’ve heard about or read articles by, such as Deborah Brandt. I’m kind of bummed I missed Andrea Lerner though. It just means I have to go to 4Cs next year.
  • Jose Antonio Vargas was our keynote speaker. He was so inspirational and I was super stoked that I got to see him speak.
  • I got some free books and swag at the publisher’s exhibit, so, that was super cool. Including a free, updated MLA handbook which is something I’ve been meaning to get for a long time. . .or since I found out that the whole update wasn’t on OWL at Purdue yet. So, I guess I’ve wanted an updated handbook for about a month.
  • One of my childhood friends got to speak on a panel at 4Cs and it was awesome to see him. All those years ago in elementary school, I never would have guessed we would go into the same field or even that it would be English.
  • I got to see Portland! It’s always been on my list of places to visit. Powell’s was amazing and I cannot wait to go back there. They also had some great places for food, like Moonstruck Chocolate and Voodoo Donuts. Vacations are not for eating healthy or balanced.

I could keep going on with my highlights (it was such an awesome conference, so, I have loads), but I think I will stop there. Some of my trip is better left for just me to remember.

Now that I have been to 4Cs though, I’m playing around with so many different ideas and research threads that could potentially become thesis topics. I was introduced to things I’ve never even thought about and I have so much reading to do now. On top of buying a few books, I sent out an Inter Library Loan Request for a few more. Throughout all of this though, I have realized that I am in the right place for sure. It was definitely an experience that reaffirmed why I am in graduate school.




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