Remember To Be Grateful

I always go into Monday feeling super optimistic and like every week is a new chance to start anew. This week is no exception. I am pumped and energized and ready to take on the week.

This time of the year, there is a lot less emphasis on what we are all grateful for, but I think it’s important to remind ourselves.

Here are people I know I would not be able to succeed in grad school without:

  1. My cohort – Those of us who have survived grad school so far. They have all been amazing people to have classes with and to have as support.
  2. The rest of the grad students – they all rock! Seriously!
  3. My Student Council Board – I know they all fit somewhere into the previous categories, but I couldn’t do anyting without them. Seriously.
  4. My graduate advisor – who has been a life saver on many occasions. She also always reassures me that I am doing great when I am down on myself. She has been a wonderful support of my graduate school career.
  5. My professors – They are so supportive of everything. I lucked out with professors at this school. I truly feel like I have a group of people who are 100% on board with my ideas and listen to what I bring to the table.
  6. The rest of the department – They do everything and are supportive of everyone. They make me love going to work and school day in and day out.
  7. My partner – although there are moments when he drives me totally insane, he also helps keep me sane.
  8. My family – they also drive me insane, but give me a place to go when I need to run away, cook me meals while I am there, and let me vent as well.
  9. My friends outside of school – thanks for letting me rant, vent, gossip, and pig out on all of the junk food I need.

Whatever your challenges are, remember to think of all of the people who are helping you get there. Who is helping you succeed? What do they do to help you succeed?

And, if you need the reminder, remember that #NobodyQuitsInApril.


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