As Soon As It Begins, It Ends

Monday, shortly after I wrote my happy, optimistic post, my day turned around and I spilled scalding hot water all over my hand. The day was down hill from there and since then I have had a few fails:

  • I sent out an agenda for a meeting and then proceeded to forget to show up to the meeting.
  • A few days ago, while getting coffee, I gave the barista the stamp card to our local yarn shop instead of the one for the coffee shop.
  • Someone distracted me while I was getting tea at the bookstore enough for me to put my hand directly underneath the hot water dispenser instead of my cup.

And, now, on top of all of that, it’s hailing. And I’m not dressed for that. I don’t like this weather and I wore a dress and a cardigan and flats and it’s hailing and thundering and lightning and my students are not having it today either.

College and grad school are not for the faint-hearted. It’s tough shit. It takes a team to get through it and sometimes that team is comprised of your classmates.

This semester has been a constant ebb and flow of optimism for me. I go back and forth between being super positive and feeling great and feeling like all of the worlds are caving in.

What do you do when the world caves in? Can you do anything about it?


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