When I Write My Master’s Thesis


You have to be one odd duck to be a graduate student. I think anyone will agree with that.  So, I shouldn’t be shocked when I get overly excited at nerdy things, but, for some reason, it still surprises me.

So, what in particular has taken me by surprise recently?

I was OVERJOYED to learn that there was leftover grant money from a research team I was a part of that we could use on textbooks to help us teach. That might be an understatement. What was even better was seeing the textbooks in my mailbox once they arrived.

You also have to be an odd duck to attend thesis defenses that aren’t in your field. My best friend successfully defended his economics thesis this week. Even though I did not understand a good portion of it, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am so super proud of him. Seriously, though, heteroscedasticity?

I have renewed excitement about my thesis as well. I think I have some more solid ideas to go off of. It’s a scary process to begin to think about writing a master’s thesis. There are so many things to write about and I feel like what I write about now is what will define my academic career. At least I’m a little bit closer to nailing down a topic this week.

In the meantime, I will just listen to this song on repeat. At one point, John K. Samson was writing his master’s thesis, too. And, for your fun fact of the day, he was also getting his master’s in English.


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