The One Where She Does All of the Things

I *think* I have a master’s thesis idea. Think is key. I need to start writing my ideas out and making sure they all make sense. I need to write a proposal for myself. Is this what happens when you are a grad student? You write out a proposal that potentially no one else will ever see because it will help you make sense of your ideas?

I used to hate when teachers made me do brainstorming or outlining activities. Proposals are the only form of anything that’s ever made sense to me. I do try to incorporate brainstorming activities into my teaching, but always leave it open ended – what works for someone might not work for anyone else.

Anyway, that’s just a side rant about proposals and the nerdiness of being a graduate student. I told my students I would write a blog with them that talked about how my semester is going since that is what I am asking them to do. As evident in all of the blogs I have written in April, this semester is tough. The one piece of advice that I have for myself is to learn how to say “no” when people ask me to do more work, volunteer for things, and do extraneous things. It’s something I am quite bad at.

download (5).jpg

Typically, I have the attitude of:


But lately I’ve felt like:


I am at the point in my educational career where I have done a lot of the things and I do not need all of the things on my CV. My CV is pretty impressive during my grad school years. I think I just need to focus on me and my thesis and the GRE and my PHD applications.

That’s a fun one. I was originally going to start grad school in 2013, but started in 2016 instead. I originally took the GRE in 2012 and now all of my scores are expiring and I cannot use them for PhD application purposes. Ough. I don’t remember that test being very much fun. Honestly, I remember that test making me want to cry. Somehow, I did better on the quantitative portion than the vocab and that still has me confused. I haven’t touched a calculator in years!


Speaking of tests, I have one tomorrow in Linguistics. Oy. Not really looking forward to that one, but hoping to have a few solid study sessions for it between now and 1:00 PM tomorrow.

It’s over all a tough semester where all of the hard things are happening. It’s been so emotional that I couldn’t even decide what to watch next on Netflix and I started “30 Rock” over again for the third time in a row…Which is funny because the title of this blog evokes “Friends.”

But I have to focus on the good, happy, positive things. I might have a thesis topic. That’s a little vicotry in itself. Plus, I have the best support systems in place that I possibly could. And tomorrow, after my exam, the weekend starts. Although I do have a lot of studying and things to get through, I am looking forward to getting away from campus. I’m here way too often and am so tired of being on campus 14+ hour a day.

It’s almost May though. And with May comes the end of the semester and the spring musical, which will be “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying” and I am THRILLED.

Remember #NobodyQuitsInApril!


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