Group Projects

I’ve never met anyone who actually likes group projects. In grad school, where we are a bunch of overachieving, nerdy academics, we still hate them. No one will ever work to your same standards.

With that said, I did have one particularly amazing group to work with when I first started grad school. It set the bar high for any group project that I will ever do. Unfortunately, no one seems to be even coming close to reaching the bar. I’m fairly certain they aren’t even extending their arms towards the bar.

I’m in a group right now where it feels like no one is willing to put in the effort because they have too much going on in their lives right now. They ar brushing it off because the professor is “cool” and I need to chill and not panic about it. I have stuff going on in my life, too, but my perfectionist self is telling me that I need to do more than bs this assignment.

Here’s what I really hate about it: WE ARE IN GRAD SCHOOL. Yes, I did a lot of bullshitting as an undergrad, but this is an opportunity, an honor, a privilege. We are here because someone saw us as someone who was willing to work and research and be dilligent and thorough – not because they thought we were great at bullshitting and it would transfer well to grad school.

I’m a nerd who works really hard for my grades and I will not let a group project bring that down. . .even if it means carrying that group.

Ough, do these group projects ever end?!


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