Status: Non-Functioning Human Being

Today, while waiting in line for my second cup of coffee of the day, the barista tried to get my attention for a good 20 seconds without me noticing (thankfully, no one was behind me in line). I profusely apologized and she said, “It’s okay, you haven’t had your coffee yet.” Well, unbeknownst to her, I already had a cup. Not only had I already had a cup, I already went to work today. I sculpted young minds like this!

On the bright side of it, the teacher who uses the room after me said that there seemed to be an air of productivity in the room, so, plus one for that. My students were productive today. I don’t really have an issue with them not being productive though, they do their shit – I just have a problem with having them do things like speak at 8:00 in the morning. When one of the professors in the department came to observe me teaching, he actually commented on how productive my students were and seemed surprised that the second I asked them to do a quickwrite, they didn’t dilly-dally and got to work. I’ve never really had an issue with students not doing in-class work, though, so maybe that’s a benefit of morning classes.

I also had an extremely productive day yesterday. I got shit done. I think I’ve figured out my key to having a productive day. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. When I went to bed on Monday night, I had work that I was excited to wake up to for the next day. I actually had to talk myself in to going to bed because I couldn’t wait to do the fun things. (By fun things, I mean reading interesting articles)
  2. I woke up on the earlier side for my day off (7:30) and headed to a local coffee shop since I am more productive away from home.
  3. My first step in working was making a to-do list. I separated things out by class, by job, by committee, and wrote a list for each, crossing each task out when they were completed.
  4. I completed everything that I could from the coffee shop, then went to campus to finish the things that I needed to be on campus for.

What I found was I got a lot of simple tasks done that I’d been avoiding (such as meeting with professors and scheduling a dinner for my club). It is all about mindset. When the going gets tough, I always come back to this quote:


I think it’s a good one when reminding yourself that you need to keep going.

Today, however, I’ve achieved the non-functioning human being status, but I’ve accepted that not everyday needs to be productive.

Remember, #NobodyQuitsInApril, but we only have 4 more days.


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