May Begins

With May comes finals, projects, papers, and a few more stressful things, but at least I got through April. April was such a slog for whatever reason

The perfect way to describe grad school is like this comic strip from “Piled Higher and Deeper”:


It’s pretty accurate except I don’t necessarily play well with others. On a surface level, sure, I give off the appearance of playing well with others, but almost no one is type-A enough for me to work with. There are a few select people, but I never get to work with them…

I’ve been thinking a lot about why I chose to go back to school, especially after seeing my tax return from when I worked full-time. Money, oh how I miss you. And I only have one answer: Because no matter the amount of blood, sweat, tears, sleep, and such that I have lost, this is still the coolest thing that I have ever done. I love every second of it. It has its ups and downs, but it’s still cool.

What are some cool things about grad school?

  1. You pretty much get to design your own educational path from here. Sure, there are classes that you don’t necessarily want to take, but those classes are way more applicable than having an 8:00 AM chem lab when you are an English major. Critical Theory is one of the most dreaded classes here (led by an awesome professor though), but so relevant when things like “Deleuzian Identity” comes up in my reading.
  2. This connects to my first point, but picking a thesis topic. Yes, having to narrow down a topic for a thesis is stressful and a process that I never want to go through again, but when you have one, and you have one that you love, it becomes a ton of fun.
  3. You get to say overly-obnoxious things like “It’s ontologically situated…” on a pretty regular basis and others in your program can understand things that.
  4. When you are successful at something in grad school, the feelings of success far out weigh having successes in a job that you don’t love. Being successful in grad means getting to be successful in a field that you chose to study and that’s the best feeling in the world.
  5. Grad school is a pretty good excuse to eat junk food. This one may be a stretch, but I think it’s still relevant.

Even still, I am glad to have a “break” this summer. Even though my free time will probably be spent on my thesis.


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