Countdown to Summer

You know that you need it to be summer when you’ve just spent way too long Google searching for an email you got yesterday. Like, I legitimately just typed the senders name in to the search engine and it took me until page 3 to realize that Google is not my email….

The good thing is that summer is almost here. It’s two weeks and I can see it. Of course summer means thesis things and reading, but, still, I don’t have to be on campus. So many difficult readings though. Basically, I searched for theories that I could situate my interests in and when I came across objected-oriented ontology, I thought that sounds hard, I will study that! I’m always up for a challenge and I have faith that I can do this.

What does my current reading list look like? Like this:

  • Alien Phenomonology, or What it’s Like to Be a Thing by Ian Bogost
  • Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett (not going to lie, I’m doubly excited by this one since the author is Jane Bennett and that just happens to be my FAVORITE Austen character.
  • Rhetoric, Through Everyday Things edited by Scot Barnett and Casey Boyle
  • A TON of theory such as Bruno Latour, Levi Bryant, Judith Butler, Martin Heidegger, Graham Harman, etc.
  • Articles by Michelle Baillif, Rebekah Sheldon, Brian McNely, Laurie Gries, and a ton of others

Maybe I shouldn’t be excited about summer. It seems complicated.

images (2).jpg

I do promise to do fun things this summer, too. But fun for a book nerd like me is reading a novel. It’ll be my reward for reading complex theories.

I’m determined – DETERMINED – to have a pretty solid draft of a thesis when I get back to school in the fall. I’ve already done a tone of reading just in the past month or so. I just have to start getting words on a page now. That’s the tricky part.

How is a grad student supposed to spend a summer? I’m starting to realize that I have no idea.


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