Dead Week Fails

It’s 9:30 AM on a Monday and it has already started out to be a week of fails. I guess that’s just Dead Week for you though. I just have to hope that this doesn’t transfer into my week and that my luck turns around soon. Last week ended on such a high note and I want to get back to that place.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the terminolody, Dead Week is the week before finals in which everyone appears dead from final projects, papers, studying, and hangovers (because it’s your last chance of the semester to go out). In some places it is also referred to as Hell Week.


So why has this been a disastrous Monday so far?

  1. While driving into work today, I found out that I had forgotten to put deodorant on. I start Mondays off teaching and I really don’t care to smell like BO when I teach. Thankfully, the bookstore here sells deodorant. Of course, like most things at a university bookstore, it is super overpriced and comes in a small travel size. Still, since I am here until the evening it was necessary.
  2. When I did get to work, I discovered that on top of forgetting deodorant, I also forgot my office keys. Any other day, although it would suck, this would be okay since I can go study in the library or somewhere else on campus. But, on Mondays, I have office hours and I needed to get in here. I never forget my keys. Never, ever.
  3. When I finally got settled into my office hours, my bank alerted me that my account was in overdraft. I don’t let my account get below $100 and I need to go figure out that mess. Of course, since it’s unusual behavior for me, the bank has put a hold on all of my account features and I can’t transfer money from my savings to my checking or deposit my paycheck. So, lucky me gets to go into the bank on my already crazy day.

On top of that, I have a draft of a paper that I haven’t totally started writing yet (I have a few sentences on the page) due. I’ve done all of the research, I just have to get to the writing of it. I have to make it my priority the next few days.

This has been a hard semester. This semester can suck it.

I have to remember the good things though:

  1. I am going into my linguistics final with 100.88%. That has been my hardest class, but I have made it and I am excited to finish strong.
  2. I only have to make it 10 more days and then the semester is over. Ten. More. Days.
  3. I opted to turn in a paper and give a presentation early in my multiculural literature class, so, I am done with that.

Who else is feeling like they can’t wait for the end of the semester? I just need a fresh start. This semester has been brutal.



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