My Brain on Finals

I cannot have a thought that doesn’t connect to class in some way or another. That’s what studying all day, every day does to my brain. It also makes me spill coffee and skip meals. But I have made it through exams and the only other thing left is finish a paper that is already well on its way.

Oh, and then there is grading. . .that’s another thing though.

My only exam was for linguistics and I needed at least a 50% to keep my A. I think I made it, but only time will tell on that one. I had that one this afternoon and I am so happy to be out of it.

On top of studying for that, I have also been running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to figure out how I could make extra income this summer. I had two interviews earlier this week which led to two job offers (I’m really good about freaking out for nothing). One of the jobs requires working with kids and needs a number of things done by this Friday, like a Livescan and TB test. WIth all of this going on, I am in the process of moving, so, packing things and moving books down to my car. It’s fun.

The semester is coming to an end though and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve loved this semester and I will be curious to see where next semester takes me in terms of PhD applications and thesis work.

Summer is close. One paper is keeping me from it, but I can taste it.


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