How To Summer Student Style

Summer has been a bit lazy for me, but now I am back in the educational game. After taking a bit of a break, being back on campus and working with students has been a blast.

The great thing about summer is that it gives you time to get rganized and catch up on everything you’ve been meaning to catch up on. Here is a list of things that I am getting done this summer:

  • Cleaning my closet – Every summer, I go through and I donate clothes that I no longer wear or no longer fit. It’s hard to keep up with this during the school year because, well, school. Even still, I try to move everything to one side of my closet and hang it on the otherside as I wear them. That way, at the end of each semester, I can see what I haven’t worn and reevaluate it.
  • Organizing my papers – if you are like me, you are proud of the quickwrite that your teacher wrote “Good job!” on and you have a hard time parting with things like this. At the end of each semester, I usually have a pile of papers that I have been unwilling to part with, but, when those classes are over, I can go through and figure out what I no longer need to keep. It’s a chance to get rid of unnecessary papers and get those binders ready for next semester.
  • Plan for next semester – I need to get more on this. I need to rethink a few things on my syllabus and update readings and start planning for the classes I am taking. I also need to hop to it on my thesis and keep the ball rolling with PhD applications.
  • Read for FUN – Yes, read for fun. Although I do this during the school year, I always love curling up with a book and reading something that I got to choose. In the school year, reading for fun is usually my reward for finishing my school reading. Although I have SO MUCH school reading, that I hardly get to the reading for fun part.
  • Get into better shape – I kind of let working out go during the school year. It’s just so hard. I have been getting better this summer, although it’s not the best in the hot weather (It hit 110 here yesterday…).
  • Try out recipes that I have saved on Pinterest – I have so many recipes saved on Pinterest. Summer is the time that I get to try them out, figure out what is feasible to make during the school year, and find some nutritious and healthy things that will keep me alive and off of ramen during grad school.
  • Take some day trips – It’s not complete without a road trip or two to some nearby locations you’ve always been meaning to check out.

So that is what I plan to do with all of the free time I have this summer. I just need to figure out how to organize my personal life on top of it.

I’m curious, what do other students do during the summer?


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